I chose my phone for the cats…

We live in a world of smart phones and stupid people – Unknown

I recently adopted two kittens from a lady who fosters them for Yorkshire Cat Rescue until someone else can take them in. There is a whole story behind my random steps to finally meet the kittens, but that is a story for another day.

My story for today is about the perils of trying to cancel a contract and trying to set up a new phone. My old contract had been up for months and months and I decided that since it was never the price it said on the tin and now it  had turned out to be a pretty bad deal, I was going to upgrade and get a new phone with it.

Anyone who has tried to cancel a phone contract (or any service contract for that matter) will know that the minute you say you want to cancel, you will be met with: “but are you sure though?” When I told the operator I was putting in my 30 day notice because I had found a better contract (still with them just through a third party provider) he made every motion to look at their upgrade website, which I had already looked at, to find me a better deal.

One of the big things I mentioned straight off the bat to the operator was that one of the reasons I had chosen the new contract was because the phone with it had a very good camera. He then proceeded to list phones to me that they could offer… which had cameras of the same specifications of the phone I was trying to upgrade. The end of that conversation was me reiterating that I just wanted to give my 30 day notice. It might have been easier and we could have saved a lot of time had I just shouted down the phone at him when I told him about the camera: “I JUST WANT TO TAKE HIGH QUALITY PICTURES OF MY CATS. THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THE 5MP I CURRENTLY HAVE.”

He might not have questioned it then and he would probably have been happy to get off the phone.

So the first hurdle was crossed. Then came the phone call to EE when my new phone arrived asking them to transfer my old number to my new phone. This started six or seven conversations which started in exactly the same way.

“You know, if you had just upgraded, we could have saved you this trouble, plus you probably would have had a better deal.”

“No, I already checked your deals and I didn’t upgrade because this one came with a better phone for a better price.”


Maybe I should have used the cat line on them too.

My phone call to EE took twice as long as it should have done because the first time I was put on hold I decided I was going to put it on speaker so I could do something else without needing to hold the phone like a peasant. I pushed the giant red button which is the universal symbol for hanging up the phone.

I’m a genius.

It has been sorted though, and I get my old number transferred on Monday morning. Time to send some creepy texts with my temporary number.. I’m sure my friends will appreciate it.

And note to self: choosing a phone based on the ability to take pictures of your cats is probably the gateway to that inevitable cat lady road…


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