I’m a proper grown-up now

I am the type of person who doesn’t really see myself as a grown-up. I spend a large portion of my evenings playing games, I spend 90% of my time in pyjamas outside of work and I don’t understand pensions. Even living alone hasn’t ever really made me feel grown-up, just independent.

But last weekend, I did something, or rather, bought something which made me feel grown-up. I bought a rug. Now, this might seem odd, and it did to me at first. I have bought furniture for my flat and that didn’t seem grown-up, it seemed essential. And I think that is where the difference lies. I bought by bookshelf because my books were everywhere (and they were starting to buckle the coffee table) and they needed a home. So I bought one. And my TV unit was purchased because the TV wasn’t designed to sit on the floor, plus the chances of me tripping and kicking it were too high, so I fixed that.

But never once have I looked at my flat (or any other flat) and thought, this place really needs a rug. In fact, I’ve never really given much thought to rugs, particularly rugs from M&S. The only rug I have ever had before was purchased for me. It was fluffy and heart shaped and purple. Not particularly grown up. But this rug, the glorious M&S, proof of my adulthood, rug, is rectangle, still purple and 100% wool. Yes, you heard me… 100% wool. And the fact it is from M&S means it is a real grown-up rug. Only grown-ups (and people with more disposable income than me) buy things from M&S.

We will ignore the fact I only considered M&S as an option because someone at work gave me a 20% off voucher… And the fact I then chose it because even without the discount it was the cheapest rug I had found and with M&S you can expect quality.

But regardless of discounts and financial reasons for choosing the rug, I now have a rug, which means I am a grown-up. Well, and my tape measure I used to measure the exact spot it would go in clearly adds to that.

I’m succeeding at pretending to be a functioning adult…


I can’t say I’m succeeding all the time as I am currently sat typing covered in blue food colouring with sticky fingers from baking wearing socks that have ears and are designed to look like foxes.. Well, you win some, you lose some.

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