Hairy babies

Before I adopted Raven and Oscar, I had wanted a cat or a kitten for a long time, and I thought I knew a lot about what it would be like to have a cat.

I was wrong.

Now, I hadn’t ever really thought of cats as hairy babies (in the words of Baymax), but recent events have lead me to realise that, maybe not cats, but kittens are exactly that. They are hairy babies.

I had a bit of an emergency this week. Raven is the type of cat who has to be watched constantly whenever food is around. He is the noisiest cat in the world running around normally, but the moment food is around, he is like a shadow. You don’t see or hear him coming and he is suddenly just there. In a split second of your back being turned he will have off the side whatever you are cooking, whether or not it is something he can eat. There is currently nothing he won’t eat.

And this is where the problem arose this week. I had been roasting potatoes and had thrown a few cloves of garlic in with them during the roasting. Before serving them up, I took the garlic out and set it aside without even thinking, with the intention of throwing them away after dinner. Now, I didn’t immediately do so, which was the fault on my part, and just went about the rest of my evening. It was an hour or so after dinner and I was sat doing something and I could hear Raven chewing something, so I looked over at him and went to inspect. Now, the moment I spotted that he was chewing on one of the cloves of garlic, I freaked out.

For those of you that don’t know, garlic is toxic to cats.

I immediately took it away from him and threw it out. And this was when I realised there was no sign of the other. So I ended up phoning the vet the next morning, having panicked half the people in the office as well as myself. I spoke to the vet and told them what Raven had eaten (much to the amusement of the receptionist when I said it was a whole clove), and when he had eaten it. The receptionist made a few inquiries with the vet and having watched both cats very closely that morning, I confirmed both of them were still eating, drinking and playing like normal. There was nothing different. The vet gave me the instructions to keep an eye on the cats. If nothing seemed wrong, then not to rush over to the vet, but if anything were to change, to bring the cat so they could put him on fluids.

Now, the rest of that day at work was awful. I was sat there stressing out to the max. Now, I’m quite lucky in that my supervisor and the partner I share an office with are very understanding. I spoke to both and said that if anything came up the next morning that I was going to need to take an emergency day off, which I would sort out when I got back to work. Both of them were fine with it. When I got into work that next morning, the partner I share an office with was visibly relieved. I had stressed myself out so much about it that it had stressed her out about it and she had become worried about my cats too.

I have been on close watch since but both cats are very much themselves. My hairy babies are fine. But I am still on hyper watch mode. And I’m being a lot more careful with garlic.

People in the office keep asking me. There is still no sign of the garlic.

Maybe it is hidden somewhere. Maybe Raven didn’t eat it at all. I’ll see if my flat starts to smell strangely pungent.. That will let me know.

But for now, enjoy Baymax and his hairy baby.


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