It’s been an exciting week (sort of)

I’ve been back in Leeds for a fair few months now. I keep convincing myself it’s been 3 months, but it has actually been just over 5. So, for the last 3 (5) months, I have been finding reasons not to go out. When I first got back to work, one of my friends from last time I was at the firm was trying to gently push me (read: nagging incessantly) to go out and do things with people, to make friends instead of festering away in my flat alone.

I didn’t. And I continued to ignore that despite finding things I would be interested in going along to months ago. So, last night I finally made myself go. I had seen an event organised to play werewolf a few months back and I love werewolf. It is a great game and easy enough to pick up. I figured, it was much better to go and play a game with strangers that I already knew the basics of. It would make me look marginally less awkward.

Now, it turns out I didn’t need to worry about that so much because everyone I met last night was very nice. The only awkward moment of the evening (getting past the momentary awkwardness of meeting a large number of new people) was when I was trying to work out where in the bar the group was. Now, I immediately spotted, when walking into the bar, that the upstairs was closed for a private function. I walked half way up the staircase then decided, no, I must be looking in the wrong place, it is probably a work do up there, I will ask at the bar.

So I did.

And here is pretty much how the conversation went.

*Walks up to random bar staff*
“Hi, I was just wondering if you know whether the leeds werewolf group is upstairs?”
*He just stared for a moment*
“Err… Are they in werewolf costumes?”
*Then it was my turn to stare at him like: what?*
“No… they will have a pack of cards…”
“No, sorry. Don’t know anything about that.”

Right, so note to self: just keep looking, don’t ask bar staff about werewolves, they will think you are insane.

Other than that, the night was very amusing, can’t go wrong with werewolf and two rooms and a boom.

The cats did show their displeasure at me having the nerve to spend time outside of the flat after work. In the 20 minutes I was home before I went to bed, I had to clean up a plate that the cats had smashed, and I had to put the towel rail back on the wall, which the cats had managed to knock off despite it being held on giant hooks.

Good job guys.

And now we go back a day. I had an exciting Tuesday too… I had my first Nando’s.

It was alright.

Hot level spice wasn’t enough. Next time will be all about the extra hot. I’m sure I devoured half the bottle of extra hot sauce.

I’m not sure I understand all the hype about Nando’s. It was passably good food, I enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it more because dinner was on my work friend because she felt bad about cancelling the last few times.

I’d go again but I wouldn’t rave about it.

And now, having been out two evenings in a row, I feel entitled to spend the next few and the entire evening doing nothing on my own and spending time with my cats. Living life to the full as always.

Update on previous post:
Bake-off cake turned out quite well. Seemed to go down a treat.


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