I wasn’t the first to injure myself, or even the second.. at least not seriously

I have just in the last 15 minutes or so returned from the first night of work for Thought Bubble 2015. For those of you outside of Leeds and outside the loop, it is a comic convention. Now, last time I was in Leeds I wasn’t aware Thought Bubble existed, and when I heard about it this time, I went onto the website and went “Hm, I wonder if there is a way to volunteer.”

There was.

And today, I put in a good slog helping to set up the first two halls. It took 7 hours. I got down to the Royal Armouries at 3pm, having taken a half day at work. I left at just after 10. Now, I don’t mind this (much) but it was a bit of a shock to the system. I haven’t been on my feet for more than about 2 hours for a rather long time. Spending the best part of 7 hours stood up, moving heavy tables has left me broken. It’s not even the first day of the convention.

Now, I go into things assuming that there is every chance I will be the first person to injure myself. I didn’t escape today without a few scrapes. My own injury was a splinter. Normally, I would just pull it out myself but unfortunately the splinter in question was more problematic. I had a table in hand at that point and I didn’t really want to lodge the splinter in further, so I ended up walking up to someone I’ve only met twice and just saying to her: “would you mind pulling this out of my hand?” She didn’t seem to mind but she did have to pull quite hard to get the splinter out. She seemed mildly alarmed once it did come out. But like the trooper I am, I carried on working despite half a table having just been pulled out of my finger.

But, that was not the biggest injury or accident. There were two.

Just outside the Royal Armouries there are automatic barriers for certain vehicles to get in and out. The problem with these (despite them being very big and very yellow) was that when carrying a giant wooden piece of art horizontally, the person carrying from the back could not see the barriers. What then happened was he walked straight into one, doubled over awkwardly and scraped up the length of his arm. To his credit, he did manage to keep the art up on his end despite that. His commando roll off the top of the barrier was quite something.

The second accident came closer to the end of the evening. As can always be expected with Great British weather, the moment you want to run an event, it will rain and it will rain hard. It had been raining on and off for some of the evening but when we were finishing setting up the hall, it suddenly started pouring it down. We couldn’t work out what it was immediately. Someone had asked if it was rain and instead of walking to check, he ran across the hall. The problem came when he reached the floor inside the door.

It definitely was rain.

And the floor was soaked.

And this very tall guy went flying. I laughed. I’m a bad person. But at least we knew it was raining following the death skid. He was fine.

So, with the knowledge I cannot now be the first to have an accident, it can only be a good sign of things to come.


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