My name is Charlotte. Any of you who have been following this blog for a while now probably know that. That and a good proportion of the people who regularly check in come via facebook… More specifically, my facebook. I think they are sympathy views. Anyway, most of you are probably on this page because you don’t know who I am or what this blog is about. If that is the case, hello to you stranger. It is always nice to see new people reading and liking and following my blog. It makes it seem like the blog is a valid use of my time, rather than just the form of procrastination I often use it as.

I started this blog over a year ago now, and there was a long time where I didn’t really take it seriously, and as a result, other people didn’t take it seriously. If you want people to read something, you have to be proud of it and motivated to write more. I started off almost ashamed of my writing. I refused to let any of my friends read it because I was sure they would just laugh at me for blogging. I was obviously wrong about that. About October last year something in my brain just snapped when I was reading back over the few posts I had written sporadically over the course of about a year. I realised that, actually, my writing is pretty good. I am not ever going to say I am great. There are so many people who are a lot better than me. I will never be famous for writing, but that is not why I blog. I blog because I enjoy writing about my life. I like making the mundane tasks of the day seem that much more interesting by adding a little bit of humour to them. Is my life particularly interesting? Not really. Is my life filled with wonder and excitement every day? No. Definitely not. I have an average life, and I think it makes my life that much more relatable than the lives that people normally strive for. We look at the lives of celebrities and think how wonderful it must be, but often that is unachievable. My blog is about my life, and probably relates to the lives of many students in similar positions to me.

I have finally actually put an about page about the blog but I sort of neglected to write that much about myself, which is probably the thing I should be writing in here. If you really must know, here are some things about me:

  • I am currently studying law at university. I absolutely love it but it does feel absolutely soul-destroying at points. I am sure I am taking the right subject but I get stroppy when I hear how some subjects have a poster assessment for their degree.. A POSTER ASSESSMENT?!? *!£$*)^%$***
  • I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my laptop, working, blogging, gaming, drawing… Pretty much anything I can do on my laptop, I do do on my laptop. (*sniggers* do do)
  • I spent a long time thinking about how little I had to offer to the world at large. A few stepmothers had made me feel like I was worthless and it has taken me 4 years since I left home to actually realise that while I am not going to cure cancer, I am not going to advance science in some spectacular way, I am not going to invent the next big thing, I still have some worth as a human being. I am not the most attractive person, the best writer or the most intelligent person, I am me.
  • I would sell my brother for a pack of Jaffa Cakes.

I feel like I should probably thank a few people.

My thanks list:

  • Jake: Thank you for being my spell-checker even when I don’t ask you to. You have been a forced reader for quite a while now and when I bug you about things, you normally are more than willing to put up with my whining, so thank you.
  • Fern: We became friends at the start of the first year of university and I am so glad we met. I was talking to Hanna in one of our deep talks the other day and I realised just how much of a chance it is that we are friends. Anyway, you put up with me being anti-social for pretty much the whole of the first year and still became one of my best friends. The fact you pretty much religiously read my blog makes me laugh but it always makes me feel better when you tell me how much you enjoyed a post or you tell someone else that my blog is really funny. Don’t stop being ‘A’ for Awesome.

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